Web Design Features

Depending on your business type we have many features that are created carefully to serve specific purposes and thereby perfectly fit your business needs. Some of the features of our web design are:

Thoughtful Design


We create our designs from ground up with your business goals and brand in mind. We believe that a design that is intuitive, appealing and (most importantly) original is critical to the success of a website. That’s why we take our design and user interface seriously. With our web design service, you will get a design that speaks your brand. After all, it’s the main purpose of having a website in the first place.



Not only do we create intuitive designs, be we also make sure that all our designs render perfectly on any device profile, operating system and screen size. Our designs are carefully tested across many devices like iOS devices,(iPhones, iPads, etc.), Android devices (including Google Nexus brands, Samsung galaxy brands, LG, etc.), Smart TVs, and many more. This is to make sure that every pixel renders as intended.



Secure Hosting and Very High Availability

Our web design service includes secure hosting. Your website will be served from secure server with 99.99{06a26fce1ea2d45f324205c5a661e04fe097ccb046f5ea6758e510dce9ff6215} uptime. Our servers are distributed across multiple data centers to prevent service interruption in the event of a disaster and outage. In addition to that, all our servers are set up to automatically perform nightly backups to ensure data consistency and eliminate the possibility of data loss.

Visitors Interaction and Engagement

Keeping your visitors engaged and active on your website is important to maintain constant web traffic and higher search engine ranking. Our web design service includes features like live chat, appointments and scheduling, interactive questionnaire/survey system and many more.

Membership System (Sign up and Log in System).

This feature in important if you want to customize experience for each visitors of your website. This may include experience like having your clients fill out a form, access and download secure contents, identity validation and authorization, etc.

Secure Content Sharing (Upload and Download)

This feature lets your visitor upload and/or download contents securely from your website. This requires “User Access and Identity Management” feature as validation and authorization is required before a user can access secure contents

Storefront (E-Commerce System)

This feature lets you sell products and services on your website. We have everything you need to list your product and services, manage your inventory and accept payments for product and services online. You can even set up subscription based products and services to automatically charge you customers daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.